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P1573-Image Orp.png

mut. 'orange pods'

Passport data

  • Seedbank(s): IPK Gatersleben
  • Accession numbers: PIS 7575; M 1599
  • Biol. status: Mutant
  • Current scientific name: Pisum sativum L. Mutante
  • Donor Designation: Plant Expermient Station Wiatrowo: Wt 10263
  • Vine Height: Short. Might be an Extra Dwarf.
  • basic colour of seed testa: yellow
  • branching: branching only in the upper part
  • colour of cotyledons: yellow
  • colour of ripe pod: suntan

colour of unripe pod: yellow (1) ; green (1) colour of wings: white end of flowering: 13.07.; 24.07. fasciation: absent growth habit: bushy, jolted height of the first pod [cm]: 10.00; 20.00 internode length: short (1) ; medium (1) leaflets: present length of the pedicel: shorter number of flowers per inflorescence: two parchment: present pod apex: blunt pod curvature: towards ventral part pod shape: straight seed colour: seed shape: round, globular start of flowering: 08.06.; 20.06. tendrils: present

Locus Orp GS orp Mutation orange pod Status VALID Inheritance REC Linkage Group II Class Pods sub Class Colour Description

Description Pod parchment and vascular bundles appear a strong orange. Viewed from outside the pod appears dull and discoloured. Orange also appearing in the phloem-xylem tissue of the stem. Interactions Pleiotrphy Complimentary Hypostatic

gene on chromosome 2.

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