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Dwarf Gray / Grey Sugar


Introduced in 1892, ‘Dwarf Gray Sugar’ is a classic pea with multiple uses. When picked in the flat pod stage, they are useful in stir-fried dishes or salads. If you prefer, you can allow the pods to develop for a harvest for shelled green peas.

  • Type: Edible podded (Snow Pea; Mange-tout)
  • Maturity: Mid-season
    • For eating: 67+ days
    • Seed maturity: 80+ days
  • Height: Half-dwarf; up to 3’ (depends on the environment)
  • Staking/Support: Recommended

  • Flowers: Purple and violet
  • Pod Type: Edible
  • Pod Colour: Green
  • Pod Size: up to 3”
  • Pods/Node: 1 or 2 (depends on the environment)
  • Seeds/Pod: 4-7
  • Seed Coat: Green with purple dots; sometimes brown.
  • Cotyledons: Wrinkled; Green
  • Other Notable Features:
    • Purple ring in the leaf axil
    • Pod shrinks around seed as it dries

GENETIC PROFILE Pisum sativum ‘Dwarf Gray Sugar’

  • Anthocyanin: Yes {A}
    • Ring in Leaf Axil: Purple {D + A}
    • Flowers: Purple and violet {? + A}
    • Purple Stripe on Top of Pod: Yes {sru/srub? + A}
    • Testa Pattern: Purple spots {Fs? + A}
  • Flowers:
    • Colour: Purple and violet; see anthocyanin section.
    • Flowers/Node: 2 max. {Fn fna or fn Fna}
  • Pods:
    • Colour: Green {Gp}
    • Type: Edible {ppV_ or P_vv}
  • Seeds: Green with purple dots; sometimes brown.
    • Testa: Grey {?}
    • Testa Pattern: Purple spots. See anthocyanin section.
    • Cotyledon Colour: Green {i}
    • Cotyledon Shape: Dimpled {?}
  • Height: Half-dwarf; up to 3’

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