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Owen Dailey

Contact Information

Owen R. Dailey's Resume


Loyola Marymount University

  • Major: Biology, B.S.
  • Expected Graduation Year: 2021
  • Upper Division Courses
  1. Comparative Anatomy
  2. Cell Biology
  3. General Microbiology
  4. General Microbiology Lab
  5. Bioinformatics Lab
  6. Advanced Genetics
  7. Epidemiology
  8. Biol Tch: Plant Physiology Lab
  9. SS:Yeast Mitochondria Rsrch
  10. Biochemistry
  11. Biochemistry Lab

Career Interests and Goals

  • Dental School

Research Experience

Characterization of a Novel Mitochondrial Protein

  • Research Mentor: Dr. Dabir
  • Presentations
    • Loyola Marymount University Summer Opportunities for Advanced Research Seminar
    • Loyola Marymount University Undergraduate Research Symposium

Work Experience

Guest Service Provider

  • Royal Oaks Country Club
  • May 2018-August 2018
  • Provided services to country club members and guests

Research Student

  • Loyola Marymount University Summer Opportunities for Advanced
  • May 2019-June 2019
  • Performed biochemical tests (SDS-PAGE gels, western blots, plate assays, blue native assays) in an attempt to characterize a novel mitochondrial protein

Dental Shadow

  • Silicon Beach Dental
  • January 2020- March 2020
  • Shadowed a general dentist and pediatric dentist to gain an understanding of the dental profession

Personal Interests and Hobbies


Houston Texans

Houston Rockets

Houston Astros

Television Shows

  • The Office
  • Hard Knocks
  • Game of Thrones
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm


  • Running
  • Hiking

Favorite Aspect of Biology

My favorite aspect of biology is how applicable the subject is. In the midst of a pandemic, it is helpful to have a solid comprehension of many of the biological concepts that are impacting the current world.

Favorite Aspect of Computer Science

My favorite aspect of computer science is its ability to connect scientists/researchers from all over the world with one another. The ability to share research is a necessary aspect of modern science.


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Owen R. Dailey


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  • I copied wiki syntax from Media Wiki Help Page to link my user photo on my user page
  • I copied and modified the protocol shown on the Week 1 page.
  • Except for what is noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source."

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