BIOL368/F20:Week 14

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BIOL368-01: Bioinformatics Laboratory

Loyola Marymount University

Fall 2020

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This journal entry is due on Thursday, December 10, at 12:01 PM Pacific time.


The learning objective for this assignment is to complete your final research project.

Individual Journal Assignment

Homework Partners

  • You will be working together as a group for the remainder of the semester.
  • Your group will submit a single wiki page for the entire group. Make sure you add this page to your template.
  • Homework partners for the remainder of the semester are:
    • Aiden, Anna, Nida, Taylor
    • Fatimah, JT, Macie, Yaniv
    • Ian, Kam, Nathan, Owen

Format and Content Checklist

  1. Store this journal entry as "group name Week 14" (i.e., this is the text to place between the square brackets when you link to this page).
    • With your group, decide on a name for your team and use it as part of the page name for this week.
  2. Write something in the summary field each time you save an edit. You are aiming for 100%.
  3. Each team member will invoke their template that you made as part of the Week 1 assignment at the bottom of the team page. Your template should contain:
    • A link to your user page.
    • A link to the template page itself.
    • A list or table of all of the Assignment pages for the course.
    • A list or table of all of your individual journal pages for the course.
    • A list or table of all the shared class journal pages for the course.
    • The category "BIOL368/F20".
  4. This week's page will be be a shared electronic lab notebook with contributions from all four members of your group.
    • Include the methods, results, and discussion of all work your group members complete for your final presentation.
  5. Acknowledgments section (see Week 1 assignment for more details.)
    • You must acknowledge your team members with whom you worked, giving details of the nature of the collaboration. You should include when and how you met and what content you worked on together.
    • Acknowledge anyone else you worked with who was not your assigned partner. This could be the instructor, the TA, other students in the class, or even other students or faculty outside of the class.
    • If you copied wiki syntax or a particular style from another wiki page, acknowledge that here. Provide the user name of the original page, if possible, and provide a link to the page from which you copied the syntax or style.
    • If you copied any part of the assignment or protocol and then modified it, acknowledge that here and also include a formal citation in the Reference section.
    • You must also include this statement:
    • "Except for what is noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source."
    • Sign your Acknowledgments section with your wiki signature (four tildes, ~~~~).
      • Each person will contribute to the Acknowledgments and sign this statement.
  6. References section (see Week 1 assignment for more details.)
    • Cite this assignment page.

General Tools

Data Collections

Scope of the Final Coronavirus Research Project

  1. You will answer your research question from Week 12 Dr. Dahlquist will approve all project questions and provide assistance with finding data.
  2. You will prepare a presentation that you will give in class on December 10 showing your results.
    • Your presentation will be 15 minutes long (approximately 15 slides, one per minute). Include:
      • Title slide
      • Outline slide
      • Background that led you to ask your research question (you can use some background from your journal club article for this)
      • Your question
      • How you answered your question, method/results
      • Interpretation of your results; answer to your question
      • Future directions
    • Upload your slides to the OpenWetWare wiki by the Week 14 journal assignment deadline. You may make changes to your slides in advance of your presentation, but you will be graded on what you upload by the journal deadline.

Shared Journal Assignment

  • Compose your journal entry in the shared Class Journal Week 14 page. If this page does not exist yet, go ahead and create it (congratulations on getting in first :) )
  • Create a header with your name, and then answer the questions in your own section of the page.
  • You do not need to invoke your template on the class journal page.
  • Any Acknowledgments and References you need to make should go in the appropriate sections on your individual journal page.
  • Sign your portion of the journal with the standard wiki signature shortcut (~~~~).
  • Add the category "BIOL368/F20" to the end of the wiki page (if someone has not already done so).


For your last reflection you will reflect on this entire semester:

  • What is the most important thing that you learned this semester in this class?
    • With your head (biological or bioinformatics principles)?
    • With your heart (personal qualities and teamwork qualities that make things work or not work)?
    • With your hands (technical skills)?
  • What will you take away from this class that you will still use a year from now?