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Nathan R. Beshai

Name and Contact Information

  • Nathan Beshai
  • Email address: Nbeshai at lion dot lmu dot edu
  • My LMU snail address: 1 LMU Drive, Department of Biology, Los Angeles, CA, 90095.


  • I am a biology major at Loyola Marymount University
    • Expected to graduate in 2022
  • I am currently enrolled in Applied statistics, Biochemistry, and Physics 253.
  • I have not taken any prior upper-division courses.

My Future Goals and Career Ambitions

  • My future goals consist of:
  1. Learning how to code.
  2. Reading more books.
  3. Succeeding in my classes.
  • My career goals are that I hope to become a primary care physician as a family practitioner or an internist.

Research Experience

  • Participated in Birdsmack
  • Mentor: Dr. Covino
  • Presented a poster at the 2019/2020 research symposium titled "Studying the Incidence of Avian Window Collisions on Campus"

Work Experience

  • Emergency Medical Technician
    • Employed by Good Samaritan Medical Clinic
    • (From: May 2020 to August 2020)
    • Duties: Obtained a basic set of vitals and history from patients.

Hobbies and Personal Interests

  1. Enjoy playing the saxophone
  2. Reading a variety of books on politics or Novels
  3. Watching English Soccer
  4. Watching interesting Ted Talks

Favorite Biology Aspect

  • I really enjoy the health aspects of biology because the information that is learned is applicable to our lifestyle. The more we learn about human biology results in the more we learn about our own bodies. An example is learning that when a person eats too much salt, their body carries extra water which increases blood pressure because the heart has to pump more blood. This can be applied to a person's own diet and avoiding too much salt.

Favorite Computer Science Aspect

  • My favorite thing about computer science is the creative aspect of it. Within the past couple of decades, technology has become a pinnacle of our daily lives. The fact that one can create something that is useful to somebody or makes a technological process easier for somebody, through code, is fascinating.

A More Complete Look At My Resume Can Be Found Below

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Nathan R. Beshai

Course assignments

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Individual journal assignments

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Class Journals

  1. Class Journal 1
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Link to Brightspace and LMU's Homepage

  1. Link to Brightspace
  2. Link to LMU's Homepage


  1. MediaWiki Syntax was used in order to format a photo.
  2. My lab partner was Fatimah Alghanem and we texted once and discussed how to link the template page within itself.
  3. I referenced the BIOL368/F20 page and referenced the APA formatting for OpenWetWare and page syntax.
  4. I asked Dr. Dahlquist the syntax for linking the template in the template during class.
  5. Referenced Denning articles; "Voices of Computing" and "Computing is a Natural Science" in the Class Journal Week 1.
  6. Referenced the book On becoming a Biologist , chapter one "Naturalist", by John Janovy Jr. in the Class Week 1 Journal.


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"Except for what is noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source"Nathan R. Beshai (talk) 00:44, 10 September 2020 (PDT)