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Brianna N Samuels

Contact Info

Brianna N. Samuels


Loyola Marymount University Biology Department

1 LMU Drive Los Angeles, CA, 90045



  • Biology/Pre-Med

Expected Graduation Year

  • Spring 2020

Upper Division Courses


  • Immunology
  • Principles of Ecology
  • Cell Biology + Lab

Upload file sample: media:Western Blot.pdf

  • Biomathematical Modeling

Career Interest/Goal

  1. Pediatrician
  2. Dentistry
  3. Physical Therapy

Work Experience

Math and Spanish Tutor


  • Opportunities For Learning


  • June 2014- August 2014
  • June 2015- August 2015
  • June 2016- August 2016
  • June 2017- August 2017


  • Tutored students in high school level math courses from Pre-Algebra up to Calculus 1 and Spanish courses from level 1 to level 3
  • Scheduled appointments by the hour over the phone as well as through video chat



  • The Holman Group

Holman Group Website


  • June 2018- August 2018
  • December 2018- January 2019


  • Scanning documents into a file
  • Organizing files

Administrative Assistant (Work Study)


  • Loyola Marymount University Student Affairs


  • August 2017- May 2018
  • August 2018- May 2019


  • Answer incoming phone calls and direct the call to the appropriate recipient
  • Work front desk and assist incoming students, faculty, alumni, etc
  • Set up conference rooms for meetings as well as clean up after meetings
  • Deliver department mail around campus

Personal Interests and Hobbies

  • Basketball
    • I have played since I was 5 years old and stopped playing after I graduated high school. Sometimes I still play for fun
  • Dance
    • I love to dance for fun and am currently on the LMU African Student Association (ASA) Dance Troupe which was started in the beginning of August 2018
  • Sing
    • I love to sing. I grew up singing in choirs for a few years and joined the LMU Gospel Choir my sophomore year
  • Cooking/Baking
    • I enjoy cooking. I learned at a young age and I always love to test my skills and push myself to a new level each time I cook
  • Video Games
    • I am a huge gamer. I play wide range of games on a variety of different consoles

What's Your Favorite Thing About Biology

I enjoy learning about the human body. I am also strongly interested in learning about disorders and diseases. I also have always wanted to do something that could combine my love for kids with my interests so biology was the more obvious choice

What's Your Favorite Thing About Math

I like how math has a specific set of rules whenever you approach a problem. I also enjoy math because it comes easy to me. It's something that takes a lot of practice and discipline

BIOL388 Assignments



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