Brianna N. Samuels-Week 2

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The purpose of this assignment is to understand how microarrays work as well as learn about the alternative ways microarrays can be used.


  1. Figure 6b Graph
  2. Table 7
  3. It seems as if genes X and Y were transcribed similarly. Genes X and Y are both induced and repressed at the same times which can mean that they were both transcribed similarly in comparison to gene Z. Z was induced throughout all 9 hours.
  4. When the expression of a gene has no change, the color of the dot shows up as yellow. It makes sense that the first ones would be yellow because not enough time has passed for a change to occur or for any repressing or inducing to occur.
  5. Since the color is green, that suggests that the TEF4 was repressed during the experiment. Since glucose is being reduced, that means that there is a specific type of stress occurring. The cell would most likely attempt to reserve enough energy to live and compensate for the lack of glucose.
  6. The TCA Cycle would be induced because it would try to make more ATP and glucose.
  7. One way that the genome can ensure that genes in an enzyme are repressed or induced simultaneously is to incorporate regulatory transcription factors.
  8. The color would be red since it would be induced due to low glucose levels.
  9. The color would be red due to low glucose levels.
  10. An easy way to verify if they were actually deleted is to compare it to a control group like one that isn't changed or is less intense.


  • Homework Partner: Sahil Patel met face-to-face in LSB Study Room. Discussed structuring the week 2 assignment and discussed how to graph the first question. We also briefly discussed the video for the shared assignment
  • Looked at Leanne Kuwahara Reference section
  • Except for what is noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source.


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