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Rich Lab, aka SWES-MEL
(Soil, Water and Environmental Science - Microbial Ecology Lab)

At The Ohio State University's Microbiology Dept!    Our lab studies microbial biogeochemistry, within the "genes-to-ecosystems" framework.
We use molecular microbial ecology techniques and strong partnerships with biogeochemists, informaticians, and modelers to investigate how microbes respond to, and mediate, environments undergoing anthropogenic change. We're a diverse group of scientists, working together on a "systems-level" understanding of microbial community interactions with the environment. Also visit our EMERGE Biology Integration Institute page!

Who We Are

PI: Virginia Rich

Postdoctoral Researchers
Ahmed Zayed
Moira Hough
Suzanne Hodgkins
Zhiping Zhong

Graduate Researchers
Dylan Cronin
Laura Mason
Afaf Abdelrahim
Dawson Phan

Research Staff
Benjamin Bolduc
Yueh-Fen Li

Project Coordinator
Brittany Fonner

Former Lab Members

Lab Photos

Contact Us

Lab: Riffe Building Rooms 939, 941 & 947

Lab Phone: 614-247-1623

Postdoc & Student Offices:
Riffe Building, Rooms 932, 936 & 944

Virginia: Riffe Building Room 934,
617-694-5087 (c)

Delivery address for perishables:
Riffe Building Room 939
496 W 12th Ave
The Ohio State University
Columbus OH, 43210

Delivery address for non-perishables:
105 Biological Sciences Building
484 W. 12th Ave
The Ohio State University
Columbus OH, 43210

  • Top row Left to right: Moira Hough, Virginia Rich, Ami Fofana, and Zhiping Zhong
  • Second row Left to right: Yueh-Fen Li, Ben Bolduc, Dawson Fairbanks, and Dylan Cronin
  • Third row Left to right: Laura Mason, Suzanne Hodgkins, Ahmed Zayed, Lindsey Solden
  • Bottom row Left to right: guests to zoom Sam, Gary, and Claire
  • Not shown: Brittany Fonner

  • Left to right: Kelsey Crossen, Sam McCabe, Gary Trubl, Fen Li, Virginia Rich, Suzanne Hodgkins, Ben Bolduc, Ahmed Zayed, and Moira Hough.
  • Not shown: Greg Zane, Isabel Morales, Zhiping Zhong, Dawson Fairbanks, and Dylan Cronin

  • Top row Left to right: Zhiping Zhong, Miguel Martinez, Kelsey Crossen, Nicole Raab, Joanne Emerson, Gary Trubl, Virginia Rich, Ben Bolduc, and Yueh-Fen Li
  • Bottom row Left to right: Moira Hough, Rose Vining, Greg Zane, and Isabel Morales

  • Top row Left to right: Gary Trubl, Adam Nighswander, Rose Vining, Maggie Murphy, Dawson Fairbanks, and David Phu
  • Bottom row Left to right: Moira Hough, Binh Pham, Maya Sederholm, Virginia Rich (with lab pet Rosie), Krystalle Diaz, Darya Anderson, and Kristine de Leon

  • Top row Left to right: Darya Anderson, Kristine de Leon, Maya Sederholm, Morgan Binder, Moira Hough
  • Middle row Left to right: Dawson Fairbanks, Robert Jones (RJ), Virginia Rich, Lynn Massey, Gary Trubl, Akos Owusu-Dommey
  • Bottom row Left to right: Bree Rodriguez, Eun-Hae Kim (EK), Krystalle Diaz, Maya Cross-Killingsworth

  • Top row Left to right: Morgan Binder, Gary Trubl, Maya Sederholm, Akos Owusu-Dommey, Robert M Jones
  • Bottom Row Left to right: Krystalle Diaz, Eun-Hae Kim, Virginia Rich, Lynn Massey