Rich Lab:Former Lab Members

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Former Postdoctoral Researchers
Lindsey Solden; now a senior scientist at Epistemix
Joanne B. Emerson; now an assistant professor at UC Davis
Miguel Martinez; now a research scientist at the Department of Marine Biotechnology, Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education, Mexico
Eun-Hae Kim (EK); now at Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. in Tucson, AZ.
J. Cesar Ignacio Espinoza; now a Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab of Jed Fuhrman at University of Southern California

Former Lab Technicians:
Nicole Raab, Lab Technician; now at Battelle [1]
Robert M Jones (RJ); now a Staff Scientist at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

Former Graduate Researchers:
Dawson Fairbanks, PhD 2021
Ami Fofana, MS 2021
Samantha J. McCabe, MS 2019
Gareth (Gary) Trubl, PhD 2018; now a postdoc at Lawrence Livermore National Lab with Steve Blazewicz and Jennifer Pett-Ridge
Kelsey Crossen, MS 2017
Margretta (Maggie) Murphy, BS/MS 2016
Kristine de Leon
Vytas Pabedinskas, MS 2014
Lynn Marie Massey, MS 2014; now at Scripps Institute of Oceanography in the Masters Program of Advanced Studies in Marine Biodiversity & Conservation
Tim O'Connor, EEB Rotation Student Fall 2013

Former Undergraduate Researchers:
Greg Zane
Isabel Morales
Josh Kolengowski
Kate Winters
Sarah (Rose) Vining
Darya Anderson
Krystalle S. Diaz
Maya Sederholm
Morgan O. Binder
David Phu
Maya Cross-Killingsworth
• Akosua Owusu-Dommey
• Erin Smith
• Rachel Tsong
• Alex Lopez
• Nancy Freitas
• Bree Gomez
• Reilly McManus