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Scott Saleska is featured in the California Academy of Science's multimedia magazine, bioGraphic, in The Lungs of the Planet. February 28, 2017.

Ruth Varner, associate professor in the Institute of Earth, Oceans and Space and the department of UNH Engineering & Physical Sciences/ Earth sciences, has received the 2016 Outstanding Associate Professor Award. [1]

Matt Sullivan's Tucson Marine Phage Lab,

Scott Saleska's Ecosystem Science lab at UA,

Rachel Gallery's Plant-Soil Microbial Ecology lab at UA,

Shana Goffredi's Microbial Symbiosis lab

The Northern Ecosystems Research for Undergraduates program run by Ruth Varner

Dr. Sarah Bagby at UCSB

Science and the World blog by science writer Dr Bec Gianotti

Jeff Chanton, FSU Isotope Geochemist and Leopold Scholar

Vic Orphan's geobiology group at Caltech