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Lab Employee Contract

Lab Contact List

SWES-MEL Contact List
Name Scientific Role Home Lab Current Position and Institution Email Phone Birthday
Virginia Rich Various Rich PI at Ohio State University 617-694-5087 September 5
Gary Trubl IsoGenie virus person Sullivan/Rich Ph.D. student at Ohio State University 602-317-8208 December 21
Zhiping Zhong Glacier microbes and viruses Thompsons/Sullivan/Rich Postdoc fellow at Ohio State University 614-641-3959 December 25
Samantha McCabe Plants Rich M.S. student at Ohio State University 845-893-3063 June 1
Moira Hough Plant-microbe-C interactions Saleska/Rich PhD candidate at University of Arizona 914-310-7319 June 6
Dawson Fairbanks Soil microbes and CZO Rich/Gallery PhD student at the University of Arizona 907-305-0446 January 20
Kelsey Crossen Isogenie microbial communities Rich M.S. student at Ohio State University 816-679-1487 June 2
Nicole Raab Old research assistant and Jane-of-all-trades Rich Contractor at Battelle 847-370-3899 March 24

SWES-MEL Policies and Resources

OSU Policies on Purchasing, PCard, Expenditures, Travel, Leave, and more

OSU eLeave - Used for sick leave, vacation, etc.

University Business Leave - Must be filed when traveling on business, but not requesting OSU Funding

eTravel - OSU Funded University Business Travel

OSU Travel Resources, plus discounts on airline, hotel, and rental car expenses

OSU Brand Templates (email signatures, letterheads, etc.)

Some tips from Gin & others on work-related stuff:

Tips when training in someone else's lab:

  1. Take photos of everything. you might do this at day's end, or through the day as you're shown things, depending on how much you're moving around - you don't want to waste people's time waiting for you to take pics, but you do want a clear visual record of what you've seen
  2. Likewise for the parts involved
  3. Ask people "how much did (eg setting up each incubation, etc) cost? How long did it take you to set up? what was the toughest thing about this (process...)? What was the most unexpected thing about (X Y Z)? What troubleshooting was involved?
  4. At day's end, take an hour to summarize (in writing) your thoughts for the day, read through notes you took during that day to make sure they'll be clear later, and identify unanswered Qs or newly-unclear things based on re-reading, to be sure you get the addressed the following day.