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This is the page for SWES-MEL members or projects in the news! (most recent at top)

  • Nature Podcast: DNA scaffolds, climate-altering microbes, and a robot chemist highlights IsoGenie's recent Nature publication led by team members Benjamin Woodcroft, Caitlin Singleton, and Gene Tyson at the University of Queensland. Listen to Benjamin and Caitlin Singleton (7:40-13:19 min) discuss their work. July 18, 2018.
  • Dr. Virginia Rich is profiled as one of OSU's "Women in Stem" in the College of Arts and Sciences’ annual magazine, ASCENT, Spring 2017 (Fourth story down)
  • Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences new article "Microbiologist Leads Climate Change Study" features IsoGenie - a three-year project, funded by a $3.75 million Department of Energy Genomic Science Program grant beginning September 2016. November 1, 2016.
  • University of Arizona UBRP awards Moira Hough an Honorable Mention for the "Outstanding Graduate Student/Postdoc/Technician Mentor" award, to be announced at the 28th Annual UBRP Conference on January 21, 2017.
  • OSU's College of arts and sciences news Gary Trubl, microbiology graduate student, represents Ohio State as a Summer School Scholar at the 2016 NASA Astrobiology Institute/Santander International Summer School at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, Santander, Spain, June 20–24, 2016.
  • Daily Wildcat interview with PhD student Gary Trubl featuring an outreach event called Saturday Science Academy
  • UANews Press Release on Carrie McCalley's Nature paper, on our thawing permafrost project, with our Australian, Swedish, and Floridian collaborators. Co-authors include SWES-MEL's PI Virginia Rich and former post-doc Eun-Hae Kim.
  • Daily Wildcat interview with Dr. Virginia Rich and PhD student Gary Trubl featuring our lab's work on climate change
  • Daily Wildcat interview with PhD student Gary Trubl on Astrobiology and UA's efforts
  • Arizona Illustrated television interview with PI Virginia Rich on our project on thawing permafrost microbiology and carbon cycling
  • ScienceDaily profiles the Hodgkins et al paper on organic matter changes in thawing permafrost
  • UANews profiled our Nature Communications paper, led by collaborating Tyson Lab, that describes the discovery of a novel and highly active methanogen in thawing permafrost systems
  • UQ (institution of partner lab of Gene Tyson) did a press release for the IsoGenie Team's Nature Communications paper
  • The paper introducing Candidatus Methanoflorens stordalenmirensis is now out in Nature Communications!!
  • UANews profiled the funding of our continued work on the thawing permafrost gradient in Sweden.
  • Here is our collaborator Gene talking to his university in a snazy video about this work, which also shows our field site.
  • And here's the press release about SWES-MEL postdoc and driving force Dr. Eun-Hae Kim receiving one the prestigious Ford Foundation post-doctoral fellowships. Go EK!
  • Here's a compelling video that SWES-MEL grad student Lynn Massey, who also works in science journalism and communication, made this spring about another SWES-department lab, that of Kevin Fitzsimmons.