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FALL 2018: Mondays 1-2:30 , location: 9th floor conf room unless otherwise noted
10-SEP Round-robin check-in and celebration of accomplishments. Come ready to share about What You Did This Summer. Gin & Fen
17-SEP Continued from last week: Round-robin check-in. Come ready to share about What You Did This Summer.
24-SEP Continued from last week: Round-robin check-in. Come ready to share about What You Did This Summer. Laura
1-Oct (Lab meeting canceled this week) Fen- Live/dead: relic DNA contribution to microbial communities in an acidic arctic peat bog.
8-Oct Fen- Live/dead: relic DNA contribution to microbial communities in an acidic arctic peat bog.
15-Oct Cancelled.
22-Oct Dr. Sarah Bagby and her lab will be visiting us!
29-Oct Suzanne presents her outline/raw draft for her Byrd talk and get feedback; If time permits, we will throw in professional development (topic: CV how-to).
Starting next week, lab meeting moves up 30 min earlier___> new meeting time: 12:30-2:00 pm
5-Nov Audra presents her rotation work in our lab; Suzanne practices her Byrd talk.
12-Nov OSU closed for Veteran's day.
19-Nov Cancelled.
26-Nov 1. Gary will let us know what his 6-month embedded fellowship at JGI was like, and what he learned from the experience. 2. Discussion of Viewpoint piece for Nature Reviews Microbiology.
3-Dec Ahmed practices his Microbiology Research Symposium talk.
10-Dec Zhiping practices eMicro mtg talk: Viruses and microbes in ancient ice —— I'm starting the journey
SPRING 2018: Fridays 11-12 , location: 9th floor conf room unless otherwise noted
30-MAR Celebrations, & discussion of lab web presence; Isabel presents on Twitter for the lab. 368 BioSci
6-April 1. Greg mini-presentation on lobbying trip to DC

2. Isabel-Continued discussion of Twitter for the lab

13-April Gary: practice for final committee meeting!
20-April No meeting this week (Gary's committee meeting during this time)
27-April Ben B: Discussion on JGI’s transition from HiSeq to NovaSeq
4-May Group discussion on extracellular DNA in soils (moderated by Gary and Dawson)
11-May Gary giving LLNL practice talk
18-May Ginny Away

(Ahmed's birthday tomorrow)

25-May Moved to May 24th, Gary's last day

Sam will present updates on research

1-June Sam's birthday! (Kelsey's tomorrow)
WINTER/SPRING 2017: TIME TBD, location = 9th floor conf room unless otherwise noted. AZ lab are members welcome any time, since Everyone (UA + OSU) is expected to attend in weeks designated Unified.

List of items to cover: NR: Computer backups, what does it mean to be on domain vs just being online, how to use VPN, the freezer organization, 2016 field sampling methods? For spring IsoGenie workshop

FALL 2016: Fridays 12:30-2, location = 9th floor conf room unless otherwise noted. AZ lab are members welcome any time, since this time works for ~everyone, and are expected to attend in weeks designated Unified.
2-SEP 12pm Byrd Polar Research Center, Thompson Group Mtg, in Byrd Center Learning Center (Room 177); pizza lunch;
9-SEP Unified: updates on summer activities since last mtg July 8th: Kelsey-SPRUCE, Dawson-AquaDiva & MPI, Moira-ANS, Nicole-ANS; others? (Gary & Fen did updates earlier in the summer)
16-SEP (1) Fen: on what she did before joining us (leftover from last time). (2) Fen and Ben: brief overview of preliminary analysis of Mire-wide survey, & discussion of what this data tells us and is useful for.
23-SEP Ben: IsoGenieDB: (a) running simple and complex queries, (b) placing this db in context of other cross-disiplinary databases out there, (c) what's missing, (d) how can IsoGenieDB empower your research, (e) other key project (or non-project) tools you should be aware of and how to access them.
30-SEP Unified: Gary: in preparation for Vic Orphan's visit next week, Gary leads paper discussion (& FYI JGI metaG course this week)
7-OCT 12pm Byrd Polar Research Center, Thompson Group Mtg, in Byrd Center Learning Center (Room 177); pizza lunch;
14-OCT Cancelled
21-OCT Kelsey: what can we say about the microbes in Rachel's incubations? (a) how similar are they to the in situ communities, (b) what's the basic stats on methane-cyclers & how does that relate to headspace concentrations, (c) what are some other interesting metabolisms encoded by the community, (d) what connections are we making between the communities and Rachel's high-res OM characterizations.
28-OCT Miguel: presentation & group discussion of the final Caldiserica manuscript
4-NOV 12pm Byrd Polar Research Center, Thompson Group Mtg, in Byrd Center Learning Center (Room 177); pizza lunch;
11-NOV Unified: Moira: presentation of SIP experiment: motivation, design, and results-to-date. (note daylight savings ended Nov 6th)
18-NOV Ben B likely presents draft version of talk for early-Dec Micro symposium (Joanne represented lab last year)
25-NOV Thanksgiving break
2-DEC Unified: Dawson: update on CZO-Micro (likely deep drilling related)
9-DEC AGU prep
16-DEC AGU conference in SF
SUMMER 2016: periodic summer lab mtgs, time noted, location = 9th floor conf room unless otherwise noted.
17-JUN 12pm - Gary lead discussion of Ballaud et al. 2015- pore-water viruses
1-JUL 12pm - Byrd Polar Research Center, Thompson Group Mtg, in Byrd Center Learning Center (Room 177); pizza lunch;
8-JUL 12pm - Fen tells us about what she learned while embedded at ACE for training, what she's doing now, and what she did before she joined us.
SPRING 2016: OSU portion of lab meets weekly, Fridays 12-2 , and the whole group OSU+UA meet ~once/3 weeks on Mondays 11:30-1
8-JAN welcome back, Jared rotation project, round-robin present-1-slide gin
29-JAN (i) Rodney rotation project (ii) Buckeye Box (Nicole)
2-FEB Uni-SWES-MEL: visting CRREL scientist & lab alum Robert Jones describes some of CRREL's microbial ecology research
5-FEB short lab mtg, bring your laptops: (i) get into SWES-MEL Buckeye Box (ii) tour of Lab Back-up System options (Nicole)
12-FEB no lab mtg
19-FEB IsoGenie practice talks: Ben B, and Gary
26-FEB IsoGenie Workshop - no lab mtg
4-MAR no lab mtg - post-workshop activities for many lab members
11-MAR no lab mtg - Gin, Ben B and others at DC (DOE GRANTEES MTG) or other conferences etc this week
18-MAR DOE once/3 yrs proposal due - no lab mtg
25-MAR proposal highlights, and 1 slide/person check-ins
1-APR Moira experimental plans discussion, & continuing proposal highlights
8-APR Community Seminar (104 Aranoff, 12:30-1:30): Trinity Hamilton from University of Cincinnati (Wrighton hosting)
11-APR Uni-SWES-MEL: Moira presents discussion of Averill, C., B. L. Turner, and A. C. Finzi. 2014. Mycorrhiza-mediated competition between plants and decomposers drives soil carbon storage. Nature.
15-APR 1) Kelsey rotation talk ; 2) Nicole debriefing on TapeStation and BioAnalyzer training
25-APR Uni-SWES-MEL: Gary presents discussion of Schuur et al 2015 review Climate Change and the Permafrost Carbon Feedback.
29-APR no lab mtg - Gin at LBNL review panel in DC
6-MAY Community Seminar (104 Aranoff, 12:30-1:30): Sabree Lab
13-MAY no lab mtg - Gin in Tucson for commencement - Maggie receiving her MS and Darya her BS!!
16-MAY Uni-SWES-MEL: Miguel research update
20-MAY no lab mtg - G at friend's wedding
27-MAY no lab mtg - G at kids' school event
3-JUN Lab mtg - Gary research update and planned pore-water experiment
6-JUN Uni-SWES-MEL: mock proposal review...
SPRING 2015: Fridays 9-11, in SAGUARO 219
16-JAN welcome back, & Joanne research talk (practice for SUNY Buffalo interview) gin
30-JAN guest speaker Junqin Wang (PhD applicant for Abisko project, in Scott's lab) & AGU recap Cesar
6-FEB Cesar reprises his PhD defense, with focus on this paper
13-FEB paper plans for 2015 & discussion of authorship guidelines Maggie
20-FEB (i) practice talks for IsoGenie workshop (all lab members should attend), and (ii) workshop planning (only IsoGenie project lab members need to attend this second part of lab mtg)
27-FEB no lab mtg (last-minute preparations for IsoGenie workshop this weekend)
6-MAR lab mtg cancelled
13-MAR (i) IsoGenie workshop recap and follow-up to-dos, (ii) DOE grantees mtg debriefing, (iii) round-robin check in
20-MAR Spring break
30-MAR (NOTE Monday mtg) Cesar: overview of microbial S cycling; diagnostic genes, upstream metabolisms, redox considerations, etc
3-APR SWESx Poster Review
10-APR Gin out of town - feel free to meet up (jo club?) without me.
17-APR Darya, Review thesis and make group edits:) Darya and something yummy I hope!
24-APR lab mtg cancelled
1-MAY (i) Rose, ten minute plant update, (ii) Dawson-Enzyme Paper Outline; (iii) Kristine, Methods-Opt figure run-through
8-MAY Cesar presents on Caldiserica genome paper
FALL 2014: Fridays 2-4, location in flux

12-SEP (i) Dawson - CZO Poster Feedback, (ii) lab tech search update Maggie
19-SEP discussion of Carrie's about-to-be-released IsoGenie Nature paper Moira
26-SEP (i) Darya - blitz practice presentation and some feedback; (ii) completion of Carrie's paper discussion; (iii) lab photo!!! Maggie
3-OCT (i) Kristine and Dawson discuss their developing ideas for their GRFPs, (ii) completion of Carrie's paper discussion; Kristine
10-OCT (i) Dawson - SSI Recap (ii) discussions of Kristine GRFP drafts, (iii) discussions of Maggie's GPSC draft Kristine
17-OCT (i) discussion of lab blog, wiki, & respective uses; (ii) discussions of Kristine and Dawson's GRFP drafts; (iii) OSU Transition Working Group 3:30-4:30 with TMPL in LSS Maggie
24-OCT (i) Briefly, final GRFP comments for Dawson and Kristine.. thank you everybody!! :) (ii) Part 1 of a discussion of challenges in authorship decisions; (iii) AJ presents and we discuss his summer and ongoing research; we can touch on his GRFP too if there's time; (iv) (3:30-4) Rose practices Abisko project presentation for class
31-OCT boo! 3rd floor Halloween Party! 12-1 (i) Gary Poster feedback, (ii) Krystalle - poster feedback
7-NOV Poster showcase for Grad students for Grad Blitz the following week on Nov. 13.
14-NOV Gin away; feel free to meet in my absence!
21-NOV (i) Kristine update (20-30") on Methods Opt paper; (ii) David updates (5-10") on his EM work with Gary; (iii) Gary Geobio summer update
28-NOV No lab mtg! Happy Thanksgiving!
5-DEC practice for AGU; + Kristine-- UNIS Summer Course recap,
12-DEC practice for AGU
Items for next semester: Recalcitrance/Lability discussion; Joanne E. seminar; possibly Cesar seminar; Gary update on virome analyses; Darya practice for UBRP poster; Rose practice for UBRP poster (conference is Jan 24); ancient viruses in permafrost and ice cores.

Darya: UBRP Poster Presentation and subsequent feedback

27-Jan SHORT Lab Mtg 11-12;

1. Recap conversation of Yooseph et al 2 Moira: Conceptual and Formal Microbial Models

3-Feb cancelled due to illness
10-Feb 1. Hodgkins et al (Jeff Chanton paper) read as a group.

2. Lynn: ASLO Poster and subsequent feedback


Lynn: Round 2 ASLO Poster and subsequent feedback


24-Feb No lab meeting
3-Mar Gary: Soil Viruses
10-Mar Moira: Leaf hyperspectral measurements
24-Mar 1. RJ: The Wonders of Proteome Discoverer: Comparative Analysis using TARA ocean data

2. Paper: Hurwitz and Sullivan (with some recap of Yoospeh et al)

31-Mar Akos: Lake Data
7-Apr Practice presentations for AZ-NM-AS Meeeting
14-Apr Dawson-Isotopic Metabolic Flux Analysis
21-Apr Gary leads discussion on Noah Fierer paper
28-Apr Compost Team?
5-May Last Lab Mtg of the Spring! Hiatus til at least June...