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The crash deleted some sections i.e. the scientific conclution

Activity 2 (Parts 1 and 2)


To initiate an investigation on the 15 subjects's strains of HIV to see if they are derived from a common source in respect to diversity.


  1. Upload the two files provided by the Assignment for Week 4page into the Biology Workbench tool. The complete file is too large so two files were created to accommodate the processing ability of Biology Workbench. The clone amount for each subject was the amount of clones discovered at visit 1.
  2. To begin, create a multiple sequence alignment of 3 clones each for 4 subjects. Generate an unrooted tree for these values. Record which subjects and their respective clones in a table (see table 1 for reference).

Data and Files

Matrix 2 Values9262016.png
Part 1 CLUSTALW Multiple Sequence Alignment of Subjects 1,7,8,and 13

Matrix Values9262016.png

Data/Files References

Workbench ClustalW Tool and ClustalDist


Scientific Conclusion

Defining the Research Project

Research Question

Would a revaluation of the Markham et al. data points in the form of a correlation yield a stronger inclination of significance in respect to diversity?


  • If the targeted evaluation of the subjects with the larger amount data points is selected stronger comparison and statistical value will increase in respect to diversity.


  • 6,8,9,14


  • Every available visit for the subjects in question


  • 64

Reasoning for Selected Parameters

  • These constituents were selected because of the scale of our project. By selecting many clones will provide stronger grounds for statistical analysis as well as cover a larger scope experimentally.


I worked with Colin Wikholm on this week's assignment and we collaborated in coming up with our project idea in class as well as cooperation with the group: Mia Huddleston and Anindita Varshneya for a joint project regarding HIV. Also I had a 1 minute phone call with Matt Oki and asked some questions regarding table format.

While I worked with the people noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another sourceWilliam P Fuchs 19:35, 26 September 2016 (EDT)


Markham, R.B., Wang, W.C., Weisstein, A.E., Wang, Z., Munoz, A., Templeton, A., Margolick, J., Vlahov, D., Quinn, T., Farzadegan, H., & Yu, X.F. (1998). Patterns of HIV-1 evolution in individuals with differing rates of CD4 T cell decline. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 95, 12568-12573. [PDF].

SDSC Biology Workbench see link: here for ClustalW work and ClustDist tool.

Assignment for Week 4: Rubric/instructions for this assignment.

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