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Taylor Makela

Contact Information


  • Biology Major
  • Expected to graduate in May of 2022
  • Upper Division Courses:
  1. Bioinformatics Lab
  2. Immunology

Career Interests and Goals

  • After graduating from LMU and obtaining my BS in Biology, I hope to go to medical school.
  • My specific interests within medicine include pediatrics and surgery.

Work Experience

Katherine Johnson STEM Academy

  • Tutor
  • Katherine Johnson STEM Academy
  • 01/2019 - 05/2020
  • Responsibilities:
    • Worked closely with students in grades 6 through 8, helping to develop math and essay writing skills.
    • Helped students with subject knowledge as well as general abilities in learning, studying and retaining information.
    • Recorded student progress and tutoring session details.
    • Structured tutoring environment to promote productivity and foreign language learning.

Hoag Hospital

  • Volunteer
  • Hoag Hospital Newport Beach
  • 01/2017 - 12/2018
  • Responsibilities:
    • Worked with others to greet and direct patients entering the hospital.

Saddleback Church

  • Volunteer
  • Saddleback Church
  • 08/2015 - 01/2016
  • Responsibilities:
    • Worked with 3-year-old children during church services.
    • Read to and taught 3-year-old children/

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Personal Interests and Hobbies

  • My interests/hobbies include:
  1. Baking
  2. Going to the Beach
  3. Reading
  4. Fashion
  5. Community Service

Favorite Aspect of Biology

  • My favorite aspect of biology is its ability to allow us to learn about the world around us, as well as how our bodies function.
  • I am very interested in medicine so I enjoy learning about how our bodies and different diseases/viruses work.

Favorite Aspect of Computer Science

  • My favorite aspect of computer science is the ability to connect my interest in science to the ever-evolving and important tool that is technology.
  • I enjoy looking at and comparing data involving medication concentrations in the blood over time or infection rates of various diseases over time.

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  • I acknowledge my homework partner, Nida Patel, who I consulted before and after class for several hours.
  • I copied and modified the protocol shown on the Week 1 page.

Except for what is noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source. Taylor Makela (talk) 14:03, 11 September 2020 (PDT)


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