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Week 1 Feedback

I will be posting the feedback on your weekly assignments on your talk page. You will be able to earn back the points you lost on the Week 1 assignment by making the changes listed below by the Week 3 deadline on 12:01 am, Thursday, September 24. Here is the feedback for Week 1.

  • Thank you for submitting your assignment on time.
  • You completed all of the tasks except for the following:
    • You wrote something in the summary field 65 out of 69 saves (94%). That is excellent! Keep up the good work!
    • Please add your full name at the top of the page (the automatically generated header has User: as part of it).
    • Your link to e-mail you through OpenWetWare is not working properly. Check your user preferences (link is at the top right of the page when you login) to see that you have it set up to e-mail you.
    • For your snail mail address, use "Department of Biology" instead of LSB 101 (building and room numbers aren't used on the official postal mail addresses.
    • Note that it is not usual practice to make a header an actual hyperlink. Go back and use the "====" level of header in a different way.
    • For your list of assignments and class journals on your template, go back and add labels to the links. For example, instead of [[BIOL368/F20:Week 1]], use [[BIOL368/F20:Week 1 | Week 1 Assignment]].
    • Note that there is no Week 13 assignment, so you can remove that link from your list of assignments, individual journal, and class journal links. There was also no Week 1 individual journal (the user page was how you fulfilled that assignment).
    • Please cite the Denning and Janovy readings in your References section.
  • I'm glad the Janovy reading helped you see yourself as a biologist! Hopefully this class will cement this feeling even more!

Kam D. Dahlquist (talk) 09:35, 17 September 2020 (PDT)