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Contact information


  • Major:Biology
  • Expected Graduation:May 2022

Career Goals

  • I plan on pursuing Dentistry after finishing my undergraduate.

Work Experience

Priceless Car Rental

  • Priceless Car Rental
  • 08/2018-NOW
  • Employer:AMPM Cars and Truck Enterprise Inc.
  • Manage accidents and lawsuits, competitive rate management, and handling all legal communication and paperwork

Personal Interests

In my free time I enjoy:

  1. flying planes
  2. figure skating
  3. travelling
  4. Listening to Music

Favorite Aspect of Biology

  • I enjoy all aspects of Biology, but I am particularly fascinated by the functions and complex processes of the body. I like understanding the mechanisms of the body such as its internal systems and responses to its environment.

Favorite Aspect of Biology

  • My favorite aspect of computer science is its universal application to collect and process information in a quicker and more efficient way than ever before possible.

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  • I acknowledge my partner, Taylor Makela, who worked with me in person for 3 hours before and after class. She is my homework parter who I personally know and was assigned to in class. Taylor assisted me with fixing formatting issues and comprehending the instructions.
  • I copied and modified the protocol shown on the (Week 1) page
  • (Nidapatel (talk) 14:14, 11 September 2020 (PDT))


  • Except for what is noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source.