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Contact Info


  • Loyola Marymount University (2017)
  • Environmental Science Major
  • Applied Mathematics Minor
  • Relevant Upper Division Courses Taken
  1. MATH 360: Intro to Statistics and Probability
  2. MATH 388: Survey of Biomathematics
  • Presented at LMU Undergraduate Research Symposium

Career Interests and Goals

  • I am unsure specifically what career I would like to pursue, but am sure that I would like to work toward more sustainable lifestyles on this planet. I am interested in researching green technologies, studying the ecological systems at risk, and environmental policy.

Work Experience

  • Outreach Coordinator at California Student Sustainability Coalition
    • December 2014 - present
    • Reach out to diverse student groups on different campuses and invite to join the statewide coalition of students and collaborate on our projects and campaigns
  • Adminstrative Assistant at the National and International Scholarship Office, LMU
    • September 2014 - present
    • Promote workshops for application and student development
    • Manage database of students connected to scholarship office
  • Research Intern at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Warburton Lab
    • June 2014 - August 2014
    • Studied the differences in gene expression of tracheal rings and influence on lung disease
  • Intern at Waste Less Living
    • June 2013 - August 2013
    • Served as liaison between staff, clients, and customers
    • Contributed to website blogs to inform consumers with eco-friendly lifestyle advice
    • Created promotional material for and provided customer service in Walnut store

Personal Interests/Hobbies

  • I love to run and relish the opportunity to be outside with nature. I love exploring the outdoors, whether it be a small patch of grass or a national park. It is extremely important to me to be in constant contact with our natural environment.
    View from Half Dome at sunrise.
  • I am a member of Ignatians Service Organization, a group of committed students that volunteer at various sites in the Los Angeles area including 186th Elementary School and Dockweiler Beach.

Interests in Biology and Mathematics

  1. My favorite aspect of biology is the complexity and diversity of life that has evolved over millions of years to fit precisely into systems.
  2. My favorite aspect of mathematics is that seemingly abstract concepts can be applied to accurately to actual systems in the world. My favorite area of mathematics, and an area that I think embodies this idea, is calculus.

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Karina Alvarez Main Page: Karina Alvarez
Math 388-01 Course Page: BIOL398-04/S15

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