Karina Alvarez Week 12

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Lab Notebook

Wild type S. cerevisiae

  • How many factors are green or significant?
    • Only one transcription factor is significant (green).
    • ARR1 was signficant
      • % in user set: 41.05
      • % in YEASTRACT: 2.44%
      • p value: 0.000014729208160
    • CSE2 and UPC2 were "borderline significant" (yellow).
  • Are CIN5, GLN3, HMO1, or ZAP1 on the list?
    • None of these are on the list of significant transcription factors.
  • List of significant transcription factors to be used for gene regulatory network:
    • ARR1

Significant genes for S. paradoxus

    • There were ~350 TFs in Natalie's strain (S. paradoxus), and 41 of them were green in the YEASTRACT analysis. From this, we selected the following for further analysis:
    • ACE2
    • FKH
    • HAP1
    • SWI3
    • TUP1
    • MGA2
    • CYC8
    • SNF7
    • CIN5
    • GLN3
    • HMO1
    • ZAP1
    • Note: CLN5, GLN3, HMO1, ZAP1 are all on the list

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