Karina Alvarez Week 10

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Journal Club 2


  • prototrophic: having the nutritional requirements of the normal or wild type
  • cyrostat: an apparatus for maintaining a very low temperature
  • trehalose: a sugar of the disaccharide class produced by some fungi, yeasts, and similar organisms overrepresentation: represented excessively
    • in the case of transcription, it is the excessive transcription to mRNA
  • immunoprecipitation: technique of precipitating a protein antigen out of solution using an antibody that specifically binds to that particular protein
    • this process can be used to isolate and concentrate a particular protein from a sample containing many thousands of different proteins
  • diurnal: of or during the day
  • mannoproteins:glycoproteins containing 15-90% of mannose by weight
  • desaturase: an enzyme that removes two hydrogen atoms from a fatty acid, creating a carbon carbon double bond
  • biogenesis: the synthesis of substances by living organisms
  • transcriptome: the sum total of all the messenger RNA molecules expressed from the genes of an organism

Summary of Research Paper

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