BIOL398-04/S15:Week 4

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BIOL398-04: Biomathematical Modeling

MATH 388-01: Survey of Biomathematics

Loyola Marymount University

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This journal entry is due on Tuesday, February 10 at midnight PST (Monday night/Tuesday morning). NOTE that the server records the time as Eastern Standard Time (EST). Therefore, midnight will register as 03:00.

NOTE: this page is under construction.

Individual Journal Assignment

  • Store this journal entry as "username Week 4" (i.e., this is the text to place between the square brackets when you link to this page).
  • Create the following set of links. (HINT: These links should all be in your personal template that you created for the Week 1 Assignment; you should then simply invoke your template on each new journal entry.)
    • Link to your journal entry from your user page.
    • Link back from your journal entry to your user page.
    • Link to this assignment from your journal entry.
    • Don't forget to add the "BIOL398-04/S15" category to the end of your wiki page.

Steady State Analysis of a Model

The assignment is here!

I highly recommend starting early. Unless you're really good at math typing and graphics, you will probably need to scan some documents to upload!

Revisions to Week 4 Assignment

  • Revisions to the Week 4 Assignment are due midnight PST on Thursday, February 26 (Wednesday night/Thursday morning).
  • Do the following:
    1. solve q = (Vyz)/((y + K)(z + M)), for z in terms of y
    2. re-argue x = q(u-y), x = delta(v-z), z = (epsilon/delta)y + V - (epsilon/delta)
    3. z = f(y) from 1, z = g(y) from 2, f(y) = g(y)

Shared Journal Assignment

  • Store your shared journal entry in the shared Class Journal Week 4 page. If this page does not exist yet, go ahead and create it (congratulations on getting in first :) )
  • Link to your journal entry from your user page.
  • Link back from the journal entry to your user page.
  • Sign your portion of the journal with the standard wiki signature shortcut (~~~~).
  • Add the "BIOL398-04/S15" category to the end of the wiki page (if someone has not already done so).


  • Get together as a group and work on the following: convert the existing chemostat model to the 2-nutrient model of the assignment! You will need to
    • Save the script file and differential equation file and rename them appropriately.
    • Add the new parameters to the global statement
    • Add the new state variable into the differential equation file
    • Add the new state variable into the script through the initial condition and the calls to the differential equation solver.
    • Upload the two new files and link to them on the shared journal.
  • Run your new model and upload the resulting graphs as jpegs to the shared journal.