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Assay Teams

Team 1: Toxicity and Expression
Team 2: Lysis and Transposition
Team 3: Origin stability and copy number
Team 4: Toxicity and Expression
Team 5: ZFN and phiC31 Activity

Composite Parts

Composite Parts List

Part Project Pages:

11097-Zinc Finger Domain (zf+), Zinc Finger Domain (zf-)
11956-piggieBac 5'TR, N15 Protelomerase
13567-piggieBac 3'TR, N15 Protelomerase
14224-tos site of N15, piggyBac transposase
15924-sleeping beauty 5'TR, PhiC31 Integrase
15954-sleeping beauty 3'TR, PhiC31 Integrase
18094-FokI Cleavage Domain (fok-), P9 rep Protein
19244-FokI Cleavage Domain (fok-), P9 origin of replication
19329-Tn5 3'TR, Gentamicin resistance gene
19395-Ala6 linker, Tn5 Transposase
19607-FokI Cleavage Domain (fok+), Tn5 5'TR
20154-FokI Cleavage Domain (fok+), Zinc Finger target
26253-CA42 origin of replication, phiC31 attB
27095-CA42 rep Protein, phiC31 attP
28190-O99 origin of replication, O99 regulatory RNA, Constitutive RFP
29071-O99 rep Protein, CA42 rep Gene, Pre-Pro sequence
37613-P9 regulatory RNA, CA42 regulatory RNA, Pre-Pro sequence
37738-O99 rep Gene, Pbad promoter, Constitutive promoter
38352-Sleeping beauty (SB100x), Magnesium-repressed Promoter, Nuclear localization peptide

Families by part type:

Complete Gene part family
Promoter and CDS, no terminator part family
Promoter and RNA, no terminator part family
Enzyme family
DNA binding domain family
cis element family
Rep protein family
Antibiotic marker family

Families by device grouping:

N15 Protelomerase family
piggyBac family
Tn5 family
Sleeping Beauty family
ISY100 family
phiC31 integration family
Zinc Finger Nuclease family
Zinc Finger Transposase family
Orthogonal Replicon family

Experimental notes:

Part requires RBS calculator
Part requires an EcoRI/BamHI Transfer
Part requires Gene Synthesis