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This part is associated with colE2 orthogonal replicon devices

The colE2 family of replicons encode two elements to enable replication of a circular DNA in E. coli: one is a protein called Rep and the other is a cis element, or more specifically the origin of replication, or just ori. Placing the ori in cis and a complete gene for producing Rep either in cis or in trans should allow replication of the DNA containing ori.

The purpose for these devices is to make additional conditional replicons that can be used in the same cell in E. coli. Ultimately, these will drive replication of the delivered DNAs in our systems allowing them to be cranked up to really high-copy in the cell. Our "Entry Vector" for this project, pBjk274, incidentally, replicates with a colE2-derived replicon. So, take special note of the instructions below as to which plasmid you should use for constructing your basic part.

You should read the following papers
References: PMID 17098894, PMID 8609624, and PMID 2841566.