Natalie Williams Week 7

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Presentation Components

Week 7 Assignment
Notes on this project and your preparations for the research presentation

  • First we began with the various differential equations of the model
    • A MATLAB file with the dynamics of the model was created to set up the state variables and the parameters
    • The script was then made identifying the values of the parameters as well as the initial conditions for the state variables a, b, and c.
  • Next, we looked at what was required to be included in the presentation and designated slides for those specific points
    • A GoogleDoc Powerpoint was made so that we would both have easy access to edit and add to the powerpoint
  • We came together on Sunday and Monday to work and discuss the progress on the project
  • In analyzing the steady state, we both worked on our individual equations and then came together to compare our answers
    • Before submitting the presentation, we did a final format change to edit the styling of the presentation

The dynamics can be found here
The script can be found here
The steady state analysis can be found here

Nitrogen Metabolism Powerpoint in Yeast

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