Natalie Williams Week 1

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Week 1

So that my peers and professors can learn more about myself, I am answering a few questions about my interest in Biology and Mathematics.

  1. My Favorite Aspect of Biology
    • I enjoy biology for many reasons. The main reason is because it tells the story of life. Through biology, we have learned not only about ourselves as humans, but we have also gained knowledge about other unicellular and multicellular organisms. This information helps guide how we live today as well as what we can predict for the future. Micro- to macroscopic, biology connects the dots and we continue to discover amazing things about our world.
  2. My Favorite Aspect of Mathematics
    • Math just makes sense to me. It is very logical and systematically explains various processes and theories. Numbers do not lie. They provide evidence to why we can believe what we believe. Math further supports and strengthens conclusions made in the sciences like biology.

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