Natalie Williams Week 3

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Week 3

To view the Week 3 Assignment
Part One

  • The script for Part One for Assignment 3: Part One Script
  • The excel output from the script for Part One: Part One Excel File
  • The graph for Part One can be seen here:
    This is a graph of v vs. u with v on the y-axis and u on the x-axis.

Part Two

  • To view the script and function file: Part Two Script
  • For the input of x0 = [0.00001 1], the answer was:
This image has the range of x to receive an answer of 0.5671. The initial value was 0.00001 and the end value was 1.

Part Three

  • Part Three took quite a bit of time for me, especially getting used to the formatting and how MATLAB reads scripts. After those problems were figured out and emailing my professor back and forth, I finally got the output I was hoping for.
The blue line represents the amount of cells in the chemostat while the red depicts the food supply.

The purple line shows how the amount of food alters while the golden line plots the cells' reaction. This graph has a reduced Q, or reduced volumetric flow rate into and out of the chemostat.

This graph compares the states that the chemostat was under - normal compared to a reduced flow rate.

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