Natalie Williams Week 15

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Final Edits with GRNmap

The individual strains were run with both estimated and fixed b's for the final presentation and analysis.

  • With these runs, we were able to see how the model fit each of the individual data points for the strains
  • A new script was written and incorporated into the folders that contained the .mat files for the outputs for the strains
  • This new script customized the graphs for the individual strains so that the curves had different colors

For looking at the optimized b, I used a singular Excel sheet to compare the values of S. cerevisiae vs. S. paradoxus.

  • Used =COUNTIF function in Excel
    • It was equal amounts for S. cerevisiae --> 13 above 0 and 13 below 0
    • It was unequal for S. paradoxus --> 11 below 0 and 15 above 0


The Final Presentation

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