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  1. Name: Maya A. Paniagua
  2. Contact Information:
  3. Education
    • Major: Biology
    • Expected Graduation Year: 2021
    • Upper Division Courses:
      • Advanced Biochemistry
      • Advanced Genetics
      • Genetics Lab
      • Plants, Pharmacy, and Medicine
      • Urban Ecology
  4. Career Interests and goals: Pediatrician
  5. Research Experience
    • Title of Projects: Metabolic Rate of Mussels Under Different Environmental Stressors
    • Mentor: Dr. Maria Vasquez
  6. Work Experience
    • Position: Administrative Assistant
    • Employer: LMU OneCard Office
    • Dates: Fall 2017-Present
    • Responsibilities: Filing, Scanning, Issuing and Encoding OneCards
  7. Personal Interests:
    • Hiking
    • Spending time with family
    • Volunteering at Dream Catcher, a horse therapy clinic
  8. Favorite Aspect of biology, Why?
    • My favorite aspect of biology is learning about the processes that allow humans to function because it gives me a greater appreciation for the complexity of the human body
  9. Favorite Aspect of computer science, Why?
    • My favorite aspect of computer science is the ability to organize information because it makes information more easily accessible

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Class Journals


  • I worked with my homework partner,Nathan On, during class. I asked him two questions about how to have bullet points under a number and not ruin the numbered list
  • I asked Alice, three questions through two emails about what OWW meant, how to invoke the template correctly, and how to properly acknowledge people you worked with
  • I texted Maddy King what OWW meant and looked at her user page to see examples of formatting
  • I asked my roommate Lucille Njoo in person how to properly compress an image, we tried together to compress an image in the website but when that failed she demonstrated how to compress an image before I uploaded it to the website
  • I copied and modified the wiki syntax for creating the class journals, journal, and assignment links <Dr. Dahlquist>
  • I copied and modified the protocol shown in the Week 1 page
  • I modified my page using Kam D. Dahlquist, Ph.D.'s corrections
  • Except for what is noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source

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