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Tessa A. Morris's Individual Journal

Week One
In the first week of the course, MATH 388-01: Survey of Biomathematics, I created my OpenWetWare account and customized my user page. The course professors, Dr. Dahlquist and Dr. Fitzpatrick, gave a brief introduction of themselves and an overview of the course. The week 1 assignment involved responding to a series of questions on the class journal page. We were also asked to email the professors with any concerns and ask them questions on their talk pages, Dr. Fitzpatrick and Dr.Dahlquist. I was also asked to explain what I found most interesting about the fields of biology and math.

  • My favorite thing about biology is that the study of biology, especially microbiology, can often be equated to solving a mystery. Much of what is known about biology was discovered through the detective work of biologists.
  • My interest in mathematics was sparked when I learned about the Fibonacci sequence, a sequence which often occurs in nature. As I studied mathematics further, my love for it grew as I learned more about the applications, through differential equations and statistics.

Week Two
In the second week of the course, we were asked to outline the article "The Concentration of Ammonia Regulates Nitrogen Metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae" and define ten biological terms.