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Sarah Vining

I work in a microbiology lab at the University of Arizona. I learned about OpenWetWare from a lab mate, and I've joined because I'm part of UBRP [1] and will be working in this lab over the summer. UBRP stands for the Undergraduate Biology Research Program, which is designed to allow science majors the opportunity to get paid research experience under a faculty mentor. Because my major is Environmental Science with a focus in Ecology, I chose to work in a lab that tied into the environment. I will be working in the SWES-MEL [2] lab under the supervision of Dr. Virginia Rich. The main focus for the summer will be bacterial-viral interactions in the Great Barrier Reef. This projects hits home for me because I have done previous projects in my environmental science coursework that looked at how coral reefs function and how humans might impact their well-being. My ultimate goal at the moment is to eventually become a Park Ranger under the National Park Service.


  • 2009-2013, High school, Flagstaff High School
  • 2013- Present, College, University of Arizona
 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Environmental Science with a focus in Ecology) 
 Honors College

Research interests

  1. Environmental Science (ecology focused): future plans for field work in this topic.
  2. Microbiology: the interactions between viruses and bacteria in the Great Barrier Reef, particularly after an influx of pollutants.
  3. Entomology: particularly Lepidoptera, but no specific research, other than volunteer work, is being carried out at the present moment.



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