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Krystalle examining nature at the windy Château des Baux.

Contact Info

I am an undergraduate researcher working in SWES-MEL, Dr. Virginia Rich's microbial ecology lab at the University of Arizona. I began working in the lab May 2013, and continued working in metaproteomics research in Fall 2013 with an Honors College internship. I took leave in Spring 2014 to study abroad, and returned in Summer 2014 with an Honors College Undergraduate Research Grant to wrapvup my proteomics work. As of Fall 2014, I am working on a Sphagnum moss endophyte project, searching our permafrost for a specific methanotrophic lineage associated with Sphagnum.


  • 2015, Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Science, University of Arizona

About Me

I began working in Dr. Rich's lab as a way to decide what my major focus in Environmental Science would be. I joined the lab in May 2013, and that summer's work turned into an Honors project for the fall. During this time I worked on method optimization for proteomic analyses of our Arctic samples, comparing algorithms for the amount of proteins identified per sample, and their relevance. For this work I received the American Society of Microbiology's Undegraduate Research Capstone to fund attendance and travel to their 2014 conference in May. I will attend the conference after returning from a semester in France, during which I explored the south of France and northern Italy. I received an Undergraduate Research Grant for my Summer 2014 research, which wrapped up my metaproteomics research. For Fall 2014, I am searching our samples from a permafrost gradient for a methanotrophic lineage discussed in Raghoebarsing, et al (2005). This will show us if there are methanotrophs detected in our soils and how much of the vegetation from the peatlands we are actually capturing in our extractions.

Research interests

  1. Microbial roles in ecosystem change
  2. Plant-microbe interactions
  3. Evolution of microbial symbioses and environmental roles
  4. Biodiversity in poorly constrained microbial communities, and its effect on an ecosystem scale


Soil profile of a grapevine at the Château Sainte-Roseline, Côtes de Provence, France. Was absolutely fascinated by this!

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