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Contact Info

Miguel Martinez


  • 2015, PhD, Instituto de Biotecnologia UNAM
  • 2009, MS, Instituto de Biotecnologia UNAM
  • 2006, BS, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana

Research interests

My work at SWES-MEL is to explore the metabolic potential of some of the novel microbial lineages found in thawing permafrost by use of different informatics methods across a variety of platforms.

I obtained my PhD working with enteric viruses, through that project I got involved in the use of molecular and informatic approaches to develop a platform for wide spectrum virus detection. This approach led us to find previously undetected viruses (in mexican population) and even to the description of new virus species leading to a better characterization of the viral agents circulating in the population. These findings and the advances in sequencing technologies motivated my interest for the study of yet unknown microbial and viral diversity.


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