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Drew's datasheet

We are working to comprehensively characterize a receiver device to enable cell-cell communication. F2620 is a receiver device that responds to the presence of a signaling molecule in the extracellular media by activating transcription from a regulated promoter. Our aims are to provide a well-characterized receiver device to the biological engineering community and secondly to develop a framework for device characterization that can be adapted to characterize other devices that can be used to build modular biological systems. Further details about this work can be found on the cell-cell signaling page of the registry.

Characterization data

Experiment Protocol Data
Transfer Curve protocol data
Specificity protocol data
Latency protocol data
Stability protocol data


F2620 Data Sheets

[math]\displaystyle{ P_{out} = \frac{P_{max}[3OC_6HSL]^n}{K^n+[3OC_6HSL]^n} }[/math]