Nat Biotech Guidelines

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Content Types [1]

How to Submit [2]

A Brief Communication reports a concise study of high quality and broad interest. This format may not exceed 3 printed pages. Brief Communications begin with a brief unreferenced abstract (3 sentences, no more than 70 words), which will appear on Medline. The title is limited to 10 words (or 90 characters). The main text is typically 1,000-1,500 words, including abstract, references and figure legends, and contains no headings. Brief Communications normally have no more than 2 display items, although this may be flexible at the discretion of the editor, provided the page limit is observed. References are limited to 15. Article titles are omitted from the reference list.

Brief Communications include a competing financial interests statement and received/accepted dates. They may be accompanied by supplementary information. Brief Communications are peer reviewed.