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Protocols & Data


  • Were there many outliers, other than the 4-AHL well? no. there aren't any others
  • 2001 review with citations for studies using AHL variants. Our data partially agrees with the literature.
  • The data are recalibrated in GFP/s/cfu to get from Od to cfu the calibration specific for the strain was used (i.e. not the one done by C. and J.) forced through zero (non-zero intercept changes function shape and produces mess)
  • Can you explain the difference between transfer.pdf and transferlh.pdf? yes. the difference is that transfer.pdf have error bars representing standard dev while transferlh.pdf has one with low/high error bars
  • How come the variability data seems to be pretty much flat over the time course, whereas the specificity data often starts high and then drops over the time course?

Unsure. It could be because of the destroy rate taking over synthesis faster? Because the interaction generally is less eficient? But I can see cognate is also going down in this experiment so I am not sure.

  • For the specificity graphs, can we get the 0 of the z-axis to be at the origin of the x-y axes? And can the maximum be the same as that on the variability graphs? yes.done