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RAVE logo R Analysis and Visualization of iEEG


Getting Help

Clicking on the help icon in each RAVE menu ("?") opens a help page (also accessible from links below). Help is searchable e.g. to find help on outliers in RAVE search for outlier in openwetware.org/wiki/RAVE in Google. Also examine the Tutorials.

Personalized support is provided via our Slack workspace rave-brain.slack.com. E-mail rave-support@listserv.bcm.edu for an invitation to the support channel.

Help Pages for Different RAVE GUI Modules

RAVE Toolbar

The RAVE toolbar contains input panels on the left ("Configure Analysis") and output panels on the right ("Results on Surface"). Click on the links above (e.g. "Power Explorer") for more information on different modules. RAVE toolbar and panels


One problem that can lead to performance issues or difficult-to-diagnose symptoms is if your primary storage device is full or nearly full. iEEG data is very large and can easily fill up even large file systems. During processing, RAVE creates large cache files to improve performance, but these cache files can fill disks. Cache files can be manually deleted from the cache directory. Check or set the cache directory with rave::rave_options(). This directory should be placed on a disk with fast read and write access, and does not need to be backed up.