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RAVE logo R Analysis and Visualization of iEEG

The surface and volume viewer in RAVE can visualize data on electrodes while displaying the cortical surface and/or MRI volume data. For group analysis, results can be mapped to a template brain.

Click on an input panel (left hand side) or output panel (right hand side) in the screenshot below for information.

RAVE:ravebuiltins:surfaceandvolumeviewer:input subjectsurfacesRAVE:ravebuiltins:surfaceandvolumeviewer:input datasourceRAVE:ravebuiltins:surfaceandvolumeviewer:input datainspectorRAVE:ravebuiltins:surfaceandvolumeviewer:output viewerRAVE:ravebuiltins:surfaceandvolumeviewer:output combineddatafileSurface and Volume viewer