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Updating and Upgrading RAVE

Because RAVE runs on top of R and RStudio, it is important to update both of these before updating RAVE. For major updates (about every 6-12 months) it is necessary to completely reinstall: https://openwetware.org/wiki/RAVE:Install_prerequisites#2._R_and_R_Studio For minor updates, start RStudio, "Help"/"Check for Updates"; start R, "R"/"Check For R Updates").

Enter the following command into the R console

 install.packages('ravemanager', repos = 'https://beauchamplab.r-universe.dev')

This upgrades the RAVE dependency manager.

Quit all instance of "R" and "RStudio" before proceeding, or RAVE will not be able to update. Restart R and enter the following command into the R console


Press "enter" if you are asked "yes/no/cancel".

After this command completes, quit and restart RStudio. Then restart the updated RAVE:


Notes: Be sure to quit ALL running R and RStudio instances before running "ravemanager::update()", otherwise packages will be locked and upgrade will fail. For other problems, the fallback is to completely reinstall RAVE.