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RAVE Journal Club

Started Summer 2022

All journal club materials (papers, zoom links, etc) are posted on our slack channel: https://rave-brain.slack.com/archives/C03K7B45NQN

E-mail slack@rave.wiki for an invitation to the journal club channel.

June 16 noon

Topic: Discussion of Rstudio::conf debugging keynote

Presenter: John Magnotti

Location: To be announced in Slack channel



June 23 1130am

Topic: Sparse convex clustering & Related topics

Presenter: Zhengjia Wang

Location: To be announced in Slack channel

Main paper: Wang, B., Zhang, Y., Sun, W. W., & Fang, Y. (2018). Sparse convex clustering. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 27(2), 393-403.

Other interesting work/topics on clustering:

1. Chi, E. C., Allen, G. I., & Baraniuk, R. G. (2017). Convex biclustering. Biometrics, 73(1), 10-19.

2. Ferreira, N., Klosowski, J. T., Scheidegger, C. E., & Silva, C. T. (2013, June). Vector field k‐means: Clustering trajectories by fitting multiple vector fields. In Computer Graphics Forum (Vol. 32, No. 3pt2, pp. 201-210). Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

July 7 1130am

Topic: Multitaper: pros and cons in time-frequency analysis

Presenter: Xiang Zhang

Location: To be announced in Slack channel