Kristen M. Horstmann Week 7 Journal

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  • Your Week 7 individual journal entry will consist of your electronic laboratory notebook containing your notes on this project and your preparations for the research presentation (see below). Each student will complete his or her own electronic lab notebook on their individual journal page for this week.
    • Kara and I met up each time we worked on the powerpoint, leading to a full collaboration of the project.
    • Modeling the differentials using MATLAB and changing the parameters was the first step and once we achieved setting the parameters = 1 and changing one of the parameters, we moved on.
    • We began our PowerPoint, checking each requirement as we worked, and doing further research into the topics not fully understood. We referenced our notes specifically on the differential equations aspect of the slides.
    • We called back to ter Schure's paper as we discussed our modeling findings and compared their graphs to the equivalent graphs on our slides.
    • As most my notes on the subject are in my class notebook, further notes can be found in the notes section of the slide.

Week 7 Presentation

  • Final Presentation after Minor Edits8

Week 7 Final

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