Kristen M. Horstmann Week 15 Journal

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Electronic Notebook

Problems with MIG2

  • We have been experiencing issues with the MIG2 graph. At first, we realized that the model curves were not fitting the data points, and then we realized a possible reason for this was that we did not see our 15 second data points on the plot. We checked back into our excel sheet to check and see if there was something wrong with the data. Upon examination, we realized that the weights for this time slot were much higher than the rest of the weights-- so high, that they were not being plotted by Matlab. The y axis was automatically designed for a weight of 3, while our weights ranged from 5 to 7.
  • We asked Dr. Fitzpatrick to help us, as we had not written the code, so did not see a part of it where it defined the axes. Dr. Fitzpatrick edited the code for us, however, we could on get the correct y-axis graph for the fixed-b value graph, and not for the estimated b-value. We attempted rerunning this code in the Seaver computer lab, the library, and the Math department's computer lab (but the PC lab, not the Mac). So far, we have gotten nothing but errors every time. We are trying one last time, but if it does not work, we may just have to explain what the issue was in our presentation.

More work on Powerpoint

  • Kara and I pulled together mostly our results and outputs in order to get the many images we have compiled into one powerpoint.
  • I met with Dr. Dahlquist on Monday 5/4 to discuss some of the details and technical aspects of the powerpoint, then after working again together, Kara asked her questions on 5/5 more about the background and interpretation. This helped us further understand the graphs and what exactly we were looking at.
  • Main issues we ran into were the MIG2 images (above) and that back in Week 11, I had done Profile 28 first and then switched to Profile 45. I tried to rerun the STEM for profile 45 to get some of the details that were missing as I only had 28s details, but STEM was not working on any of the three Seaver computers. There was an error that had to do with Java, and after several failed attempts to update the computers' Java software, we got clearance from Dr. Dahlquist to move on with just Kara's information about profile 45 and it was fine since we both had graphical models of it.

Presentation for May 7th

  • Final PPT
  • The following powerpoint was submitted after midnight.... we realized that we had accidentally duplicated a title in a slide so minor changes were made.


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