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Vincent Rouilly's Profile

email: vincent.rouilly [-at-] gmail [-dot-] com

Paris, France.

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Work Experiences

  • Bioinformatician, LabEx Milieu Interieur, Institut Pasteur, Paris France (Current).
  • Data Analyst & Scientific Software Programmer, ResearchIT, University of Basel, Switzerland.
  • Research Associate, Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology, Imperial College London
  • GE Medical Systems, Paris, Software R&D Engineer, Image Processing on digital mammography systems.
  • Visiospace, Paris, Software R&D Engineer.


  • PhD, Computational Biology, Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College London.
  • M.Sc, ENST Paris and ERASMUS exchange at ETSIT Madrid (Signal and Image Processing Major).


Synthetic Biology in the making

(or how to keep track of what is happening in the Synthetic Biology community)

Research Interests

  • Computational Biology: stochastic processes, Generalized Petri Nets, Agent Based modelling, Design of Experiments.
  • Contributing to build a Synthetic Biology framework (establishing standards, design for modularity and re-usability, parts characterization) + societal impact of Synthetic Biology.
  • Laboratory Information System.
  • Laboratory Automation

My Open Source Hardware/Software Projects to support Synthetic Biology

Past Projects

  • Recombineering for Synthetic Biology
    • Homology recombination-based promoter screening construct.
    • Homology recombination-based rolling device integration.
  • Droplet-based Microfluidics for Synthetic Biology
  • Open Source Hardware for Synthetic Biology
    • Arduino-based Peltier controller
    • Colony counting / picking system

Online shared resources

Teaching Experience

OWW Contributions


Interesting links found on OWW

Useful Open Source Softwares

Cool Open Source Hardware Projects

Recommended Books

Do-It-Yourself / Developing World Technologies for Biological Engineering


DNA manipulation

Measuremements and Characterization

Data Acquisition, Control and Lab Automation


Here is an overview of the modelling framework I am working on: Tags

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