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Biological Engineering (or Synthetic Biology) aims at applying an engineering approach to building biological systems.

Minimum Information for a Standard Biological Part


To enable a web of registries, it would be important to define a standard way of describing a standard biological part. Such a standard description could help the Biological Engineering community in many ways:

  • Ease the development of new registries,
  • Enable a certain level of connectivity between registries.
  • Offer standard interfaces for 3rd parties services.


  • Unique Identifier
    • LSID type
  • Designer
    • Designer name
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Type
    • need of an ontology (controlled vocabulary) of standard biological part types.
  • Assembly Standard
    • like 'BioBrick' or other. Will have an impact on the scare type too.
  • DNA Sequence
  • Reference

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