Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations (MIBBI)

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Background information

Throughout the biological and biomedical sciences prescriptive checklists specifying the key information to include when reporting experimental results are beginning to find favour with experimentalists, analysts, publishers and funders alike. However, such ‘minimum information’ (MI) checklists are usually developed independently, from within particular biologically- or technologically-delineated domains. Consequently, the full range of checklists can be difficult to establish without intensive searching, and tracking their evolution is non-trivial; they are also inevitably partially-redundant one against another, and where they overlap arbitrary decisions on wording and substructuring make integration difficult. This presents significant difficulties for the users of checklists; for example, in the area of systems biology, where data from multiple biological domains and technology platforms are routinely combined. We offer a common portal to such MI checklists; to act as a ‘one-stop shop’ for those exploring the range of extant projects, foster collaborative development and ultimately promote gradual integration.


  • MBBI portal
  • CIMR Core Information for Metabolomics Reporting, external link
  • IMIAGE Immport's Minimum Information About a Genotyping Experiment, external link
  • MIACA Minimal Information About a Cellular Assay, external link
  • MIAME Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment, external link
  • MIAME/Env MIAME / Environmental transcriptomic experiment, external link
  • MIAME/Nutr MIAME / Nutrigenomics, external link
  • MIAME/Plant MIAME / Plant transcriptomics, external link
  • MIAME/Tox MIAME / Toxicogenomics, external link
  • MIAPA Minimum Information About a Phylogenetic Analysis, external link
  • MIAPE Minimum Information About a Proteomics Experiment, external link
  • MIARE Minimum Information About a RNAi Experiment, external link
  • MIFlowCyt Minimum Information for a Flow Cytometry Experiment, external link
  • MIGS Minimum Information about a Genome Sequence, external link
  • MIMIX Minimum Information about a Molecular Interaction Experiment, external link
  • MIMPP Minimal Information for Mouse Phenotyping Procedures, external link
  • MIQAS Minimal Information for QTLs and Association Studies, external link
  • MIRIAM Minimal Information Required In the Annotation of biochemical Models, external link
  • MISFISHIE Minimum Information Specification For In Situ Hybridization and Immunohistochemistry Experiments, external link
  • STRENDA Standards for Reporting Enzymology Data, external link