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Build Log

Starting Point

  • Kit from to build XY Plotter
    • Mechanical parts:
      • ...
    • Electronic parts:
      • 1 Arduino Diecimilia
      • 2 RepRap Stepper Motor Driver v1.2
      • 2 Stepper Motor
    • Software:
      • Arduino IDE
      • GCode
      • ...
  • ATX Power Supply (240v- 250W)
  • Tools

Step 1: Building X Axis

  • ...

Step 2: Building Y Axis / Frame

  • ...

Step 4: Setting up Motors / Transmissions

  • ...

Step 5: Wiring-up and Testing the system

  • Power Supply from ATX
    • to use ATX as a standalone, you need to connect the green wire to any black wire on the Mother Board connector
  • Testing

Step 6: Arduino, Softwares, and G-Code

  • Arduino 0016
  • Arduino Sketch to drive stepper motor (from RepRap project)
    • Download RepRap Firmware (v1.3) and follow instructions
    • Upload sketch onto Arduino
    • Now your Arduino waits for G-Code instructions on its serial port.
  • G-Code instruction handler
    • Download and Install ReplicatorG from here
  • G-Code generator
    • You can use to generate G-Code from images (SVG, JPG, ...)

Performance testing

  • Perpendicular trajectories:
    • ...
  • Diagonal trajectories:
    • ...

General Feedback

  • Sketch-up model:
    • It would be great to use a color code for the different part types in Google Sketchup.
    • It would be good to have a unique label for each part to help feedback (e.g. Letter - Number,like 'D-6', Letter=part-type, Number=instance index)
  • Mechanics:
    • We slightly changed the motor/axis coupling on the X axis. We mounted the motor/pulley straight onto belt (see pictures).
    • Sometimes it is difficult to tighten bolts that are under axis.


Contraptor XY Plotter-1.JPG Contraptor XY Plotter-2.JPG Contraptor XY Plotter-3.JPG Contraptor XY Plotter-4.JPG Contraptor XY Plotter-5.JPG

Contraptor XY Plotter-6.JPG Contraptor XY Plotter-7.JPG Contraptor XY Plotter-8.JPG Contraptor XY Plotter-9.JPG