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University of California Berkeley iGem 2009 Wetlab Team

Lab Notebooks

Elicia Farrar
Gabriela Guzman
Jenn Brophy
John Wang
Joseph Silo
Susan Chen
Patrick Harrigan
Matt Walters
Sherine Cheung
Tom Huffaker

Gel Images


If something is placed in the freezer storage box, document it here. List your name, the date item was added, what item is, and what it is labeled as.
Freezer Box 1
Freezer Box 2

Sequencing Log

Keep all your sequencing data on the sequencing log.


Keep an online lab notebook to document activities. I would suggest using something similar to the following format:


== June ==
=== Wednesday, June 11=== 
Today I did this this and this
=== Thursday, June 12===
Tomorrow I did this that and this

Protocols can be copied from the protocols page or linked to directly.