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Your Week 7 individual journal entry will consist of your electronic laboratory notebook containing your notes on this project and your preparations for the research presentation (see below). Each student will complete his or her own electronic lab notebook on their individual journal page for this week.

  • Kristen and I collaborated throughout the entirety of this project.
  • Our first step was to write the MATLAB code and run different simulations.
  • We researched nitrogen metabolism to gain a better understanding of the process.
  • Then we began creating our PowerPoint in such a way as to ensure all project requirements were met.
  • We referenced our notes to ensure the content of our slides was accurate.
    • In doing so, we found figures, which we decided to include in our presentation for the sake of clarity.
  • We referenced the ter Schure paper as we reached the results/discussion section and drew conclusions as we compared the paper's experimental results to our own theoretical results (that we found using our model).
  • To conclude, we checked off each requirement as a means of ensuring we followed directions and did not forget to include anything.
  • Note: our commentary/notes can be found in the comments section of each one of our PPT slides.

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