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Electronic Lab Notebook (Week 15)

  • As we will be presenting together, Kristen and I consolidated our results (hers: wild typ; mine: dZAP1 into one powerpoint.
  • We each met with Dr. Dahlquist on our own to ask our questions, and we met once together. In Kristen's meeting, she asked about the initial set-up of powerpoint as well as the expectations for the PPT as compared to the paper. In my meeting, I worked with Dr. Dahlquist to understand our results as well as the intention behind our procedures. In our joint meeting, we discussed further interpretations (esp. of our bar charts) and with regards, specifically, to MIG2. MIG2 created some problems for us with regards to the graphs being generated through MATLAB as the four data points at t15 were greater than 3, but our y-axis only went up to 3. Thus, Dr. Fitzpatrick created a MATLAB script for us to use that would adjust the y-axis (to go up to 6); however, we were only able to get it to run and generate the new graph with our non-estimated b model. We tried running it on our estimated-b value in the library, in both Math department computer labs, as well as in the room we meet in for class., but to no avail. Thus, we will just be sure to note the different y-axes in our paper and presentation.
  • In addition, upon discovering my error (with regards to my mistakenly having NDT80 instead of ASG1 in the network), I had to do some backtracking this week and re-running of models. Most of my re-work proved to be accurate, though I stil think there may be some minor errors. However, since I am working on this assignment with Kristen, we could use her results, and thus I was freed up to focus on the PPT and the paper.


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