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Spring 2008 - Introduction to Synthetic Biology

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Synthetic Biology Lectures

PoPs and RiPs: transcriptional device standards for functional composition

Instructor: Vincent Rouilly

Date: 20th February 2008

Room: Room 1, Whiteleys Suite, RCS1 building.


  • Quick refresh on gene expression using BioBrick parts: transcription / translation / DNA-binding protein
  • Abstraction layers: DNA --> Promoter / RBS / ORF / Terminator --> Protein Generator / Genetic Inverter
  • Standard biological information flow : Polymerase per second (PoPS), Ribosomes per second (RiPS)
  • Modular inverter design (RiPS based or PoPs based)
  • Modular and re-usable designs

Presentation Slides:

Resources / References :