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Phase 1: Research

Phase 1 of the project will comprise a “library” investigation into the physiological systems of respiration, cardiovascular and blood pressure control, and thermoregulation. How do these systems work and why are they important? Having established their basic physiological behaviour, the next stage is to investigate in depth why cardiorespiratory monitoring is very important in relation to defining patient state (for example in the ITU). The group should investigate the whole area of cardiorespiratory monitors, their features and what is their function within an ITU.

One of the physiological signals that are monitored on a continuous basis is the ECG. Investigate why the ECG in clinical medicine is considered to be very important? There are two important aspects of the ECG, in terms of medicine, the first is the morphology and the second variations in heart rate. Investigate why this is the case?

Over the last 20 years, the beat by beat variation in heart rate (HRV) has become an increasingly important indicator of underlying physiological state. Investigate why this is the case, particularly in relation to respiration, blood pressure and temperature regulation. The group needs to undertake a detailed analysis of how HRV is currently used in clinical medicine and how it relates to cardiorespiratory monitoring